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In this digital age where everyone relies heavily on technology, social media has become the hub for communication. Shakola followed the efforts of some popular artists and utilized social media in order to spread Jakoby’s music. She has found that a large majority of Jakoby’s fan base discovered him via the popular platform, Twitter.

Shakola reached out to DJ Bee, a local radio personality for 103 Jamz in Norfolk, Virginia, in April 2015. With over 20 years of experience, DJ Bee is a self-described “turntablist.” It was an honor when he featured Koby as the Artist of the Day on his music blog.

On a whim, Jakoby posted this snippet of a preview of an upcoming single. The video went viral on Twitter within two days, reaching over 1.4 thousand retweets and 1.5 thousand favorites.

In an effort to utilize social media to its fullest potential, Shakola has posted updates about Jakoby’s music across multiple platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). This form of marketing has proven to be successful because it engages the listener and allows for direct interaction with the artist. Below are screenshots of some of the positive feedback Jakoby has received.

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