Artist Management: Case Study

In January 2015, Jakoby was virtually unknown as a rapper. As his publicist and manager, Shakola’s goal was to build an online presence for Jakoby and connect him with listeners. She guided Jakoby by building his brand and connecting him with music professionals.


the challenge

  • Develop an online following

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With the help of social media and the right connections, Jakoby makes it to the stage.

Social Media

Shakola followed the efforts of some popular artists and utilized social media in order to spread Jakoby’s music.

the strategy

Shakola created a website for Jakoby so that fans and potential clients and easily contact him and view immediate updates. The site includes videos and photos, in addition to his social media contact information.

His listeners follow him on Soundcloud, a platform that allows artists publish their music online, and eagerly wait for new songs to be posted. In the meantime, Jakoby actively reposts songs and playlists from other artists, which his fans enjoy and appreciate.

Over 2K plays & 60 likes

Over 2K plays & 60 likes

the results

Shakola has utilized personal and professional contacts in order to appropriately network. As a result, she has been able to connect Jakoby with recording instruments and a music songwriter/producer. So far, Jakoby has received two offers to film music videos for his work.