Cupid McCoy, Brett Jones, Broken Beaches, Starcoast, and Anthony


Name: Cupid McCoy

Track: Busy Bee

Why I Like It: It’s super dreamy and makes me feel calm and relaxed (for once!!).

Bandcamp Twitter Instagram 

Name: Brett Jones

Track: Weight

Why I Like It: This track perfectly embodies the melancholy days of fall


Virginia Beach

Name: Broken Beaches

: Hypnotist

Why I Like It: It reminds me of my favorite old vampire movie The Lost Boys


Name: Starcoast

Track: Sunlight

Why I Like It: I didn’t even know I liked beach rock but this song gave me heart eyes

Bandcamp Facebook SoundCloud


Name: Anthony

Track: Receipt for Roses

Why I Like It: The beat is a BOP and it makes me feel like I can pop lock

Bandcamp Website SoundCloud


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