Mac Miller Reveals Plans to Release New Album

RICHMOND, Va – Mac Miller announced yesterday that he’s going to release his second album Watching Movies With the Sound Off . The planned release date is June 18.

Mac Miller

Mac Miller

Mac is excited about releasing the album, but he won’t explain his concept behind it. It says he wants his fans to have zero expectations

“I really don’t wanna say anything [about the album] because expectations are the worst things in the world for people. It ruins their state of mind when they listen to music, so I don’t wanna say anything. Just expect nothing,” Mac said to MTV News.

As a Mac Miller fan, I’m looking forward to hearing what he’s done on the new album. His style his evolved and has come a long way from when he released his first mixtape K.I.D.S. back in 2010. I know he doesn’t want us to have an idea about the sound for the album, but I can’t help but to predict what it will sound like. I imagine it’ll be similar to Macadelic ( a mixtape he released last year) in that he will dig a little deeper inside himself to produce lyrics that have real substance. Since is the first album that Mac will produce on his own (under the alias Larry Fisherman), I also expect that the beats for this album will be very different from what Mac fans are used to.

I read a quote from Mac on the NOISEY website about how Mac’s music is evolving, which strengthens my belief that this album will so much different from the content he’s already released.

“I think I was like an 18 year-old wide eyed kid excited to be successful, and now I’m just kinda making music more for myself. I’ve been having a lot of fun with music. I went through some bullshit, personally, and then locked myself away and started making music that was free thought and meant for the purpose of expression and shit, and it made me feel better,” said Mac.

Mac released his new single “S.D.S.” (Somebody Do Something) last week. Though I didn’t really like it, I did appreciate his use of creativity and courage to create something that is completely out of his comfort zone.

I just hope that whatever route Mac Miller is taking that he still remains the same ol’ Mac and doesn’t sell-out like many rappers often do.