Meet The Beat Geeks

RICHMOND,Va – The Beat Geeks is an unsigned music group with a upbeat and fun vibe. The group consists of three individuals who all work together to create music.

  • Luke Galloway (lead male vocalist and co-producer)
  • Dex (writer, female vocalist, and vocal producer)
  • Bobby Drake (producer, songwriter, rapper)

The three met through mutual connections. One thing led to another and they ended up linking up and working on songs. Thus The Beat Geeks were created.

The three agree that their unique sound is something that comes from blending their individual ideas together.

Our sound is a combo of our musical influences all brewed down to a good helping of musical stew… mmm! We all come from different backgrounds musically which is really dope! It allows us to expand outside of just one particular type of music and, in a sense, allows us to create our own lane musically,” said Bobby Drake.

While the band is trying to get signed to a music label, they are spending their time developing themselves, their brand, and their music. Dex says that the group has been offered a few record deals in the past, but they “weren’t quite what [they] felt was best” at the time. The group isn’t going to rush into getting signed; they are going to develop a solid fan base and focus on creating their persona.

For some musical groups, it becomes an issue of one member trying to steal the spotlight. (Cough. Destiny’s Child. Cough) Apparently, for The Beat Geeks, it isn’t hard for them to incorporate all of their talents into one sound.

“The three of us have really great chemistry and are familiar with each others talents enough to know which person should go here and etc. It’s actually very easy,” said Dex.

Though they have different stories as to why they started making music, they each share a love for musical expression (which is more than some of today’s mainstream artists can say).

Writing songs is a group effort. Each member will produce either a main hook or a theme and they’ll go over it together to discuss what they like and don’t like.

Either we’ll have a session together when we can all work on the project as a unit or sometimes we’ll start an idea and present it to the rest of the group and run with it from there,” said Bobby Drake.

Support The Beat Geeks by downloading their single “Sweat” off of iTunes and spread the word to your friends! To be the first to know about what’s happening with The Beat Geeks, visit their website, Facebook, and/or Twitter.