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Darwin Deez

Darwin Deez

RICHMOND,Va – Darwin Deez is coming to Strange Matter on June 8 as a part of his summer tour.

Darwin Deez, named after the main vocalist, is an indie-pop band from the United Kingdom. The band has been together for four years.

The United States tour is monumental for Darwin Deez because so far they have only performed in the UK.

Darwin Deez’ music is whimsical and almost child-like. Deez’ lyrics takes the listener into his mind, which is filled with wacky things like popsicle toothbrushes and rain made from orange soda. Austen Diamond, a reporter for City Weekly mentions how Deez’s lyrics are often laded with puns and intricate metaphors.

“Well, I think there’s definitely better ways of making poetry and lyrics. But there are a lot of lyricists that will never use a pun, and, sometimes, I wonder about their intelligence,” Smith says, adding that the pun conveys a certain level of wit and irony, which he really wants to impart to his audience and critics alike.

“I think the most effective, and the least pretentious, way to write lyrics is in the [American pop] vernacular, which means puns and cliches.”

Deez’s lyrics range from being completely silly and playful to being deep and meaningful.

“I hope that the last the page of your 800-page novel is missing
And I hope that it rains if you leave the window down on your red Mustang” – “Bad Day”

“You’re sweet but you’re messed up
Your best friend is a red cup
You’re obviously not the one
But you remind me life can be fun” – “You Can’t Be My Girl”

Deez’ quirky and upbeat personality goes hand and hand with the band’s music. Deez dances like Napoleon Dynamite in his music videos and sports a very hippy-esque hairstyle.

Darwin Deez hasn’t yet made it big (obviously), but according to a Pitchfork article, 2 of the band’s songs have been featured in commercials. That’s more than most underground artists can say.

Though Darwin Deez may appear as playful on the outside (which they are), the songs they create go deeper than surface level. Deez often sings about existentialism, governmental control, and the power of love and hate.

One of my favorite songs by Darwin Deez is “Bad Day.” This song is from his self-titled album that he released back in 2o11.

The song starts at 2:19.

Darwin Deez’ performance at Strange Matter will begin at 5 PM. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased here.